Are White People Albinos?: A Provocative Video

A friend of mine called me today about his son’s soccer team being called “Albinos” by a rival team. My pal didn’t know what the word meant, but knew it had something to do with being white. Frankly, he was the first to inform me about it. When I found out that the opposing team was primarily children of color, my first comment was that his son is experiencing the shift to children of color outnumbering white Americans in California public schools. At the same time, I was surfing the internet to find out more. That is when I came across this very provocative video.

Two white males explore what they believe is the origins of the white race and the term albino is used repeatedly. I am against the use of any derogatory words about racial and cultural groups. My studies lead me to believe that they are divisive and maintain the perception of racial hierarchies. This is also true when African Americans use the word nigger to label each other.

This provocative piece is so interesting I am still trying to get my head around it which will require more research and discussion. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Billy Vaughn, PhD CDP is an award winning multicultural educator, consultant, training, and coach. The views in this diversityblog are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of He can be reached via the Contact Us area of this site.


  1. great video thanks
    I always tough white came from some form of Albino

  2. Yes I think white people have albinism.

  3. Nat Turner says:

    I’ve seen this video-it’s nothing new or surprising. DNA has proven over and over that all white skinned people originated from black Africans/African Americans. Genetically, there is no difference between the so called European, and the modern day African albino-and there never has been a difference. The first white skinned people to migrate to Europe came from Africa. The same goes for the first Asians too. As a matter of fact the human race originated from the black African. It is white people in Europe and America who have a problem with skin color, and are preoccupied with being racist towards African Americans and other people of color-who can also produce white skinned people from two minority people, because minorities are really black people too, and again DNA proves this. Albinism is not new or mysterious-it’s just one fact of being human. Free your mind, and move on.

  4. Whites must be the descendents of albinos as all white life forms: white horses, white cats, white flowers; are a result of breeding with albinism. This is perfectly clear to Blacks, but whites resist. Why? Because they believe in white supremacy and as albinos come out of black bellies, they do not like it. But more importantly I have asked why whites hate Blacks so much? I have found that the Black Diaspora also stretched out to Europe, and Black Europeans did not become whites 6000 years as is claimed, but rather whites coming to Europe 6000 years ago, from Asia. By 1100-1200 some of the Blacks declared themselves nobility, blue blood was the identity, pointing to blue men as how the Black Europeans were known. They are the King and the nobles who oppressed and civilized the White Europeans. These whites were born in a system where the Black noble was a superior being. The hatred came as a result of scientific racism, the invention of human races to give whites a human status, which was aimed ad liberating the whites from this cruel and despotic oppression. European whites were mainly Serfs until 1848. There was a trade in human leather way into the 19th century and one can suppose that the Black elite used white people skin to make clothes, bind books and make shoes. This goes to explain the hatred and fear of today. But its essential to understand that we are shown fake whitened images of the brown and Black kings and nobles. The European civilisation started with Blacks, and Black are not the eternal victims of whites.

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