Why We All Just Can’t Get Along!

While we have known for quite some time that an all white jury convicts black defendants significantly more often than when the defendant is white (Anwar et al, 2012), we know little about the nature of the bias. For example, why would white Americans be given more lenient sentencing for very similar crimes?

Consider the HR director who is making a hiring or promotion decision. Could they fall into the same trap of bias and discrimination as jurors when deciding on the fate of candidates across racial groups?

Consider this study of perception of black boys versus white boys when police officers suspect them of a crime.


This video below offers some insights into what really goes on between the ears of the decision makers.



Anwar,S., Bayer, P. & Hjalmarsson, R. (2012). The Impact of Jury Race in Criminal Trials, The Quarterly Journal of Economics (2012)doi: 10.1093/qje/qjs014First published online: April 17, 2012.


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