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Did you know that what you don’t know about cultural differences can get you into more trouble than you can imagine? Here are some true life examples of the cost of poor people skills:

    • A manager had to complete 8 hours of diversity coaching after a formal complaint against her for making and insensitive comments about Mexican co-workers. She said that she was merely repeating what she had heard them say about each other.
    • A clerk is placed on formal warning after being reported for “staring” at female employees in ways that make them feel uncomfortable. He has no clue as to what they are talking about.

    • Two employees, one African American and on Native American, are reported for telling racial jokes about each other’s group. A co-worker was offended as she overheard them in passing.

You may think that at least one of the true stories above is ridiculous, but each is an infraction in the modern workplace. I know because I personally coached each of the persons reprimanded in the incidents. Even the most seemingly innocent things can get you in trouble if you don’t know the habits you have that negatively affects people of different cultures. Fortunately, there is a relatively easy and painless way to prepare for even getting blind-sided.

Diversity in the workplace is a reality. Learning how to avoid cultural collisions is a must if you want to keep your job and compete for positions in the modern work world. The savvy professional understands that employers that require diversity training are doing more than social engineering. They know that it is about developing necessary modern competencies that compliment technical skills. Fortune 1000 companies value cultural competency to the extent that they have written briefs to the US Supreme Court in support of multicultural education. Don’t let another day pass without doing what you can to incorporate cultural competency in your toolkit.

It may be difficult to avoid diversity LANDMINES in the modern organization, BUT you can be prepared to defuse them... That is why I am giving away the most advanced managing diversity secrets — stuff that most managers wish they knew about! So, for the first time ever you can...

"Take Charge of Diversity Challenges with the SAME strategies we have used to transform organizations, win awards, and create bottom line results... and you can conveniently access the methods whenever you need this resource developed especially for you!"

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: After careful consideration, I have decided to reveal the unbeatable secrets to managing diversity challenges. You see, I have found that teaching these principles in courses and workshops is a lucrative business. I also had to admit to myself that many people simply need some coaching tips to augment what they already know.

I also realized that the more than four years of publishing diversity lessons published in an e-newsletter for which I am editor would be ideal for if compiled into a single, easy to use resource. I personally authored the vast majority of the diversity lessons, which are based on my nearly 20 years of experience as a consultant, manager, teacher, and social scientist. I have taught the principles in workshops, face-to-face classes, and online. The accumulation of diversity lessons has resulted in one of the most comprehensive books on the subject. It's finally ready... In the e-book—“THE MANAGING DIVERSITY e-COACH " you learn how to successfully handle some of the most pressing diversity challenges in a step-by-step manner. However, only a limited number of the e-books will be offered.

1.      Manage conflict

2.      Feel confident in making culturally sensitive decisions

3.      Consider the point of view of people from other cultures

4.      Recruit, hire, and retain the best & brightest in a diverse pool

5.      Avoid cultural collisions

... Because the e-book is being introduced along with our website update, we've agreed to give away a WHOPPING 62% discount to the first 25 people who sign up... But once the first 25 e-books are gone, we'll be forced to offer the remainder for the full price (and they're going fast!).

Dear Colleague,

Most of you have known me over the years as the DTUI's president and founder, as well as the editor of the Cultural Competency Development e-Newsletter. A good number of you have attended a workshop, seminar, or training I have facilitated. Current students and graduates of DTUI know that I prefer to be called Billy, rather than Dr. Vaughn. For those of you who are hearing about me for the first time, I want to thank you for your interest in our work.

I now want to inform about a book I am dedicating to you as either a current ord aspiring diversity professional. It is literally everything we teach in DTUI training-of-trainer programs. Now you have it all in one resource.

Being productive in a diverse organization is not easy as many think. It requires much more than following the Golden Rule or treating people as you would like to be treated. You may have heard the story about the professionals who created the disastrous consumer ads that they thought would be a blockbuster for selling their company’s product to a more diverse market. The entire stock had to be taken off the market after repeated comments about derogatory advertisement content.

The professionals were likely very liberal-minded, yet they incorrectly assumed that their ad was appropriate for a wide audience. You may have witnessed first hand a manager losing a coveted job after making an insensitive comment that was “not meant” to hurt anyone’s feelings. Today, more than ever, avoiding formal complaints, remediation, and a spotty record requires cultural competence. Even individuals who have worked very hard to develop their cultural competence find themselves challenged by cultural differences. Many find themselves faced with accusations of being biased. Too many cultural landmines exist to ignore the need to arm yourself with tools that can defuse cultural collisions.

The stakes for making a mistake are higher than ever. While discrimination lawsuits are obviously a good example, losing consumer confidence or a colleague as a friend can take a financial toll on an organization as well. However, it is the everyday matters that do not reach the level of formal complaints or media attention that may cause the most harm. A deaf person who experiences the daily indignities of being left out of team problem solving and generally treated as a second-class citizen cannot be as productive as necessary. The manager who is a good listener to employees of color, but is incapable of identifying and/or addressing the problems they raise becomes part of the problem, rather than a vehicle for solutions. This is the type of under performance that cost organizations billions in leave time, unnecessary turnover, and lack of productivity. High impact managing diversity techniques offer critical resources for addressing the problem.

The competencies you need to identify diversity-related problems and properly address them involve more than being a good person. Avoiding mistakes that suck the life out of innovation and productivity requires understanding the dynamics that make working in a diverse organization such tricky business.

I have first hand knowledge of the problem as a result of years of experience as a consultant and trainer in a variety of organizations. In addition, each working day managers and people who work for them send email or me by phone to share personal stories about being ill prepared to deal with the diversity-related problems that surface. If you are like them, you want to feel more confident in your ability to manage the everyday concerns more effectively. You may feel that your hands are tied in addressing the concerns of employees of color and other “minorities” within the organization. You think that you are immune to making costly mistakes you have heard about from colleagues, so your fears are warranted.

And, if you are like most, YOU are at the same time very conscious of the need to avoid saying or doing offensive things... Are you ready to do what is needed to get control over the situation!

You can benefit from this e-book if any of the following is familiar….

1.      You need a handy resource for addressing the unanticipated landmines that seem to blow up more and more often. What you need to know? How do you make certain that you have covered all of the bases?

2.      You are not certain how to approach members of certain groups because you fear that they will be insulted by your attempt to get the two of you on the same page.. How do you strategize the common types of challenges the people face in a diverse organization? How to you overcome problems caused by your best effort to make things right? What do you need to keep in mind managing diversity?

3.      You have a mini United States in your organization and all the cultural differences associated with it. How do you keep the problems different groups face outside the workplace from finding their way into the organization? What are the major cultural differences that you need to keep in mind when determining how to manage the different groups? This course will help you understand the most common alignment challenges and offer blockbuster tips.

4.      You have a considerable amount of education with respect to diversity, however you feel a need to keep you with the latest information. All you need is a resource to augment what you have already learned! What do you do?

5.      You need effective ways to deal with those who make insensitive comments without appearing that you are taking sides.

6.      You need effective ways to deal with cultural differences in performance reviews and retention decisions.

7.      You want to hire the best candidate when the majority of the applicants are persons of color, but they tend to be less qualified?

8.       You need to know how to best work with the diversity on your work team.

The secrets to successfully managing diversity are yours in this e-book. The e-book will assist you in getting the informationn needed to consistently pay attention to the details of dealing with people from other cultures.

Basic diversity management skills... You will learn how to address the situations that are even daunting for diversity experts from this book.

Honestly, I have just skimmed the surface of the cultural competency information covered in this e-book.

... I haven't even BEGUN to mention how the e-book will assist you dealing with the "silent" productivity and innovation killers that even the most experienced managers have no idea how to deal with.

Have you bought into the idea that treating people as you would like to be treated is the best way to deal with differences?...

The truth of the matter is that while the same behavior in different cultures can mean different things. Consider, for example, a word as simple as “hello.” You can use the word for both greeting a person and saying goodbye to them in some cultures. The problem is that our culture teaches us how to interpret behavior, which varies as a result of a group’s life circumstances. Treating a person the way you wish to be treated may very well be insulting. Instead, you need principles that are effective across cultures and this is what the e-book offers.

I've discovered in my work a relatively simple system that can get you outrageous productivity results. I've learned that the real secret is to have a toolkit that has as many strategies as possible that I can pull from to deal with cultural differences I encounter. So, I use the diversity lessons as a resource. Then I started offering them to those who I have coached and trained—doing this, I've seen professionals look like diversity experts just by using the set of diversity lessons I gave them in a resource packet!

... And that's just ONE example of what you learn!

Get the Most Advanced Information Possible!

Being a successful manager, team member, parent, teacher, etc. isn't as easy as it was in the past:

...When organizations had just a few “minorities,” people of color, and women, the challenges were not as great.

... As a professional, you basically talked to them personally about a problem or, if the matter was very sensitive, you avoided them.

... Most diversity problems were considered in terms of their potential legal ramifications. Today, managers realize that managing diversity is good business. The problem is that the competencies needed to capitalize on diversity seldom exist and the availability is limited. The e-book is a great resource for developing your competency, which will make you a valuable resource within the organization.

... Plus, the human resource consultants dealt with diversity matters. If the problem caused concern for legal protection diversity training was likely offered. The problem is that many people resisted the training because, in part, it did not give them what they needed to know in addressing everyday matters. This e-book will give you the tips and strategies you need.

... And things were not as complex.  Race, gender, disability, and the like are still important diversity related matters that need addressing, however global differences are surfacing more and more. Understanding cultural differences due to geographical and national differences will help you deal more successfully with local diversity challenges and prepare the organization for global inclusion. Knowing how to think like a global consultant enables you to stand out above the rest sufficiently enough to avoid the stiff competition.

I Am Ready to Share My State-of-the-Art Secrets

Managing diversity involves a unique set of competencies, and I have the credentials to offer you the tool you need! I have a doctorate in psychology, almost 20 years of teaching and consulting experience, and an international reputation as a cultural competency expert. If you want to see more details, I can send you my 20-page resume.

And success stories of people who write to me as e-Newsletter editor indicate that "regular" people like you have significantly benefited from the lessons? The Office of the VP of Diversity & Equity at Bausch & Lomb has donated to the e-newsletter twice and provided excellent testimonials describing the benefits of the diversity lessons in carrying out their diversity initiative. A sample of other testimonial follows:

  • My students in the university courses I teach really like your diversity tips. Keep them coming. B.S. California State University, Fullerton.
  • Our team liked the diversity tips I shared from your newsletter so much that we are ordering subscriptions for the entire team.
  • We want to reprint a recent diversity lesson in our company newsletter so that everyone is aware of your valuable tips. Can you give us permission? 

You can be part of this growing list.

Here are the facts ...

  1. If you're NOT properly educated about how to think about dealing with everyday diversity challenges...
  2. If you don't know how to defuse inevitable cultural collisions,...
  3. If you don't know how to avoid the pitfalls of resistance to diversity initiatives...

...managing and working in a diverse organization will be very frustrating and risky.

On the other hand...

If you ARE educated and you know what works,
what doesn't, and how to AVOID the dangers:

You can dramatically increase employee productivity,
AND improve your expertise, recognition, and
worth within your organization!

With the right knowledge and skills you can:

  • Build your credibility...
  • Solve problems that stump others...
  • Increase productivity...
  • Help others develop useful knowledge and skills...
  • Dramatically increase your worth...

    ... plus much more!

"And if you are like most of our e-Newsletter subscribers, its certainly isn’t unreasonable that your recognition as an employee will skyrocket after applying these principles.

... Even if you're a diversity novice, six months from now you will see some incredible results... "


All you need is the advantage of the techniques that are packed into the brand new " Managing Diversity e-Coach Book" that have been well-tested and proven effective by people like you.

This 140-page book is literally an A-to-Z guide, crammed full of step-by-step instructions, examples, and case studies of absolutely everything you need to know to explode your knowledge and skills using the EXACT SAME strategies and techniques we personally use to succeed as consultants!

Get First-Hand Results with My Most Valued Techniques

The fact is, I've been able to do what very, very few diversity experts can even imagine—I have first had experience in Fortune 500 companies, universities, governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, and even churches—as well as the wisdom of 15 top diversity professionals in the United States, who I interviewed for an e-book. I also go to conferences and seminars that offer state-of-the-art seminars in order to continuously improve our competencies. This e-book offers you the benefit of what we have accumulated over the decades.

I have made a lot of mistakes early on as a teacher, consultant, trainer, and diversity coach. Now, my clients invite me back time and again, and refer me to other organizations. My commitment as a cultural competency expert is to help you avoid mistakes, and enjoy the success that you deserve. 

I show you in the book what most diversity experts had to take more than a decade to learn.

I'm talking about strategies like:
  • Making a Case for Diversity Checklist. 
  • Linking a Strategic Diversity Initiative to Organizational Performance.  .
  • Questions to Ask in a Cultural Audit Interview.
  • Measuring Diversity Management Practices.
  • Learning More about Other Cultures in the Workplace.
  • Effective Intercultural Performance Feedback Strategies.
  • Managing Generation X Employees. 

Getting things done effectively in the modern organization requires knowing how to manage talent. You can't put off learning how to do so in a diverse organization any longer due to the risks. Get the knowledge that few others will have acquired. You can use to the extent needed to achieve your goals. It does not require you to become or act like a diversity champion.

With the "Managing Diversity e-Coach Book," you'll be privy to all of my tools... so you can sidestep the "silent" diversity landmines and apply my most advanced secrets to managing people.

You will learn...

  •   Practical, just in time, information you can use immediately.
  • How to strategize like a diversity expert in making diversity initiative decisions
  • How to identify performance gaps.
  • How to determine the best strategy to deal with poor alignment among direct reports.
  • How to get even the toughest groups and individuals to accept your recommendations
  • How to get the entire organization behind of your recommendations
  • How to determine whether or not diversity training is needed.
  • State-of-the-art secrets that will impress your clients and colleagues
  • How to balance the needs of the organization, its members, and customers
  • How the most successful diversity managers get the job done.
  •   Information that will boost your own cultural competence

... And much, much more!

Learn from the Convenience of Your Computer!

I have made it easy to use the information in the book by putting the lessons in top-ten format and links to the various topics from the table of contents. In this way you can move around the e-book with ease so that you get the just-in-time information that is directly applicable to the challenge you seek to address competently.

Why Are We Giving Away The Biggest Managing Diversity Secrets?

When I completed the e-book, I honestly had no idea that I was giving away the most up-to-date diversity management strategies. That's because it took actually compiling the book for me to fully comprehend how advanced the ideas are... So when I first realized exactly HOW MUCH of my competitive advantage I was going to be giving away, I have to confess... I hesitated.

As mentioned earlier, I have been successful as a consultant and trainer because of my secrets– At the same time I am committed to increasing cultural competence among professionals. After a bit of hesitation, I realized that my commitment to leaving all clients—my own and those of others—more capable of doing the work on their own is consistent with giving away all that I have to offer.

And that's why I've literally dumped all of my knowledge, skills, experience, and compassion for the work into "The Managing Diversity e-Coach Book...

... So I can FINALLY give you the exact information you need to become wildly successful as a professional who utilizes the exclusive insider secrets that nobody else will reveal (and few others even know)!

However, as mentioned above, I've spent close to two decades accumulating the knowledge you are given in this book. I am releasing it to professionals, such as yourself, partly out of a commitment to promoting cultural competence, and partly to give you a sample of my work in the hope that you will take notice of the other things I offer.

I am NOT anxious for the general public to own these secrets. In fact, I want to screen out hobbyists and limit this information to serious professionals. That's one of the reasons I have priced this book at $259.95US. However, you can expect a significant return on investment once you apply what you learn. An expert cultural competency coach or consultant can cost you an average of $75.00, per hour, and you have to pay them each time you contact them. I am personally paid $156.00 per hour as a coach (I have the documentation as proof). Acquiring all of the information contained in the book would require paying at least $495.00 in registration fees for a workshop or seminar. The Managing Diversity e-Coach Book offers you more than 100 tips, secrets, and strategies that you can access and use over and over again.

Important Note: Since I've just developed the “Managing Diversity e-Coach Book," I am eager to generate testimonials for it. That's why I am offering the first 25 people to sign up a WHOPPING 62% discount at just $99.00US.

All we ask is that you send us a testimonial once you've noticed significant improvements with our strategies.

Super Bonus #1: ($29.95)
"One Year e-Newsletter Subscription"

You probably know about the e-Newsletter. The number of testimonials from teachers, managers, human resource professionals, and the like grow by the day for this e-newsletter.  You can now enjoy the contents just for participating in this valuable course.

Super Bonus #2: ($69.95)
"Free Cultural Competency Assessment Tool"

You can assess your cultural competency before you start using the e-coach, and measure your improvement overtime with this tool. You can also use it to assess others, such as employees. Use the information for 360° feedback, a training outcomes measure, or determining training needs.

Super Bonus #3: ($350)
"Reduced Price for a DTUI Course"

This is quite a deal. The courses are taught online, so you don’t have to worry about traveling, being away from your desk, or not being there for your family. Join the growing number of DTUI students who say laudable things about the courses we offer.

The DTUI Risk-Free, 45-Day Guarantee

Look, this is how strongly we believe in the potential of the strategies we're about to hand you... We guarantee that if you implement the strategies you learn in the course, you WILL noticeably increase your effectiveness in managing diversity. If you are like most people who take our courses, you will notice changes almost right away. However, we are giving you up to 45 days to determine if your improvements were significant.  

Finally, if you don't find yourself thrilled for ANY reason -- even if you never apply our strategies -- you can still e-mail us anytime within 45 days for a 100% refund of your purchase price. No questions asked.

Plus, either way, provided that you are one of the first 25 to register, both of the super bonuses -- worth up to 449.90US$ -- are yours to keep, no matter what you decide. That's a guaranteed gain.

Order Your Copy Now to Get Started Right Away...

The bottom line: the book is ready. I've risked a considerable amount of time and money developing and testing the book and its contents. What I am releasing to you are the top blockbuster strategies... the ones that outperformed the rest by huge results.

Isn't it worth 269.95US$ (or 99US$ for the first 25 to register) to no longer have to fly by the seat of your pants and avoid costly mistakes while jumpstarting your diversity management skills?

In just minutes, you can be on your way to the course that will build your expertise. Guaranteed -- or your money back. That's how much we believe in this course.

So, why waste your money on traveling to costly conferences? Why wait until you get into a situation that is too overwhelming—and let the landmines of managing diversity stifle you -- when you can immediately profit from my proven, guaranteed strategies?

If you grasp the power in the information, knowledge, and skills the book offers, you will maximize your effectiveness once you know how to think like an expert, and win trust and loyalty.

  1. Click here now to receive your e-book and access code within minutes. We'll immediately send you everything you need to get started, as well as present you with both Super Bonuses!
  2. Or feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives at admin@dtui.com and mention publication number "0086.” PST, They'll be happy to answer your questions.

... And don't forget! Since " Managing Diversity e-Coach Book" is delivered via the web, so you'll get it right away! 

Click here to have us call you for your ordering information.


Billy Vaughn, PhD—President
Diversity Training University International

P.S. Remember, you must be one of the first 25 to act to get the significant 62% discount and the three Super Bonuses... If you're ready to wildly increase your cultural competence from the same proven strategies I have used to become successful diversity experts, Click Here Now to order risk-free, get your 62% discount, and receive your three Super Bonuses.

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