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Certified Cultural Diversity Executive (CDE)

New Cohort Starts March 16, 2017

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Certified Cultural Diversity Professional (CDP)

May 16-19, 2017

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Crystal City Marriott Hotel at Reagan National Airport | Arlington, VA

Arlington,  Virginia  22202  USA | (703) 413-5500 


 *Certified Cultural Diversity Trainer (CDT™)

June 20-23, 2017

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ONLINE Certified Cultural Diversity Professional Training

New Cohort Starts the Third Thursday of Each Month

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Diversity Certification

Faculty, Author of the Art of Quantum Planning

Faculty, Author of the Art of Quantum Planning

The highest level of credentialing in this program is Certified Cultural Diversity Executive (CDE). You can put the credentials CDE at the end of your name upon completion of the full set of Diversity Executive Leadership Academy courses. A couple of the DELA required courses offer credentials as well. 

The first  required course is DELA 100 (classroom format) or 100a (online version). You may put CDP (Certified Cultural Diversity Professional) at the end of your name upon completion of the course. This diversity certification program immerses you in the art of designing high impact cultural competence education. You will learn strategic diversity initiative design, data driven decision-making, training module design, and implementing bottom line driven solutions. The result is that you complete the training with a hot, authentic toolkit and strategy ready to put in action as soon as you get back to the office.

The corporate Diversity Officer is often placed in the diversity role from EEO, HR, or even
an unrelated job role within the organization without training or adequate preparation.

You may put CDT at the end of your name after completing DELA 400, Diversity Training Facilitation Skills, which is another required CDE program course. This classroom format course provides training in delivering impactful and engaging diversity training. Information about the list of other CDE courses can by Clicking Here.

You will:

  • Discover the easy-to-follow strategy to boost your organization’s productivity
  • Identify and retain the best talent
  • Increase innovation
  • Learn how to use differences to boost your team’s productivity
  • Learn a proven model for managing resistance to your diversity initiative
  • Boost your popularity as the in-house and external cultural diversity expert
  • Map out the most important parts of your strategy along with a group of like-minded professionals. In fact, bring as many team members as possible to work on your organization’s project during the seminar. You will leave on the same page and with a framework for moving forward quickly. We can also come to you. Ask us for details.

    Nirmala Menon, Faculty Interweave India President

    Nirmala Menon, Faculty Interweave India President

  • Learn to design and develop cultural diversity training modules
  • Add more SIZZLE and authenticity to the initiative you design so everyone wants to come aboard.
  • Learn how to use our proven technique for getting the leadership on board by describing the impact your initiative on the organization’s bottom line
  • Create a unique, MAGNETIC presence as a diversity professional so you stand out and get noticed
  • Burst through your strategy blocks in a supportive community that brings out your hottest ideas
  • Have FUN developing your strategic road map (Imagine that!)
  • Discover how we tend to get in our way as experts and how to clear the path to success
  • Powerfully express your value with language and wording that make you proud.
  • Come away with clear, confident messages about you diversity and inclusion initiative to skyrocket the time to success
diversity certification

Rich Russo, CDP, Faculty, Founder The Elephant in the Room Diversity Training.

We know you’re concerned that people in your organization either do not see you as an expert or appreciate your expertise. You need them to recognize your value without your having to jump through hoops to get them on board.

What is a diversity certificate and how is it different from certification?

Most certificate programs offer an overview of cultural diversity and how it impacts organizations. In contrast, a good certification program offers you knowledge and skills that propel your expertise to the next level.

Angela Davis, CDP, Faculty. Diversity & Inclusion expert.

Angela Davis, CDP, Faculty. Diversity & Inclusion expert. Durham Technical Comm. College

They know the organization’s culture after years of service. They were often at the top of their game in their previous job role (e.g., training, human resource management, etc.). However, most  overwhelmed once they discover how  under prepared they are to take on diversity leadership. Years of law human resource management experience, for example, increases the ability to manage differences, but it does not offer opportunities to develop expertise needed to lead a diversity initiative.

A few CDP diversity certification credentialing programs have sprung up since we started offering it in 1998 as Diversity Training University International ( We continue to be the choice for those seeking solutions that can be utilized immediately upon returning to the office. Diversity leaders need a detailed, well-tested system to start moving your organization immediately and the techniques to get them to the finish line.

You can trust that our Certified Diversity Professional credentials will offer you expertise and value along with a guidebook of solutions. And you really don’t want to reinvent the wheel or use out-dated, unproven tools and techniques that will shortchange the amazing value you offer in your role. That’s why we’re so excited to show you a powerful step-by-step strategy.

Who can benefit from diversity certification training?

Those who are responsible for:

  • Managers and supervisors
  • Military diversity recruitment and retention
  • diversity and inclusion leadership
  • Government diversity recruitment and retention
  • diversity management
  • human resource managers
  • diversity training
  • Supplier diversity
  • Cultural diversity council members
  • Chief Diversity Officers
  • equal opportunity advisers
  • sexual harassment & assault experts
  • Diversity managers

FAQs – Common Questions About Diversity Certification and the CDP Program

  • What is diversity certification? Diversity certification refers to the credentialing of professionals to serve in executive level diversity and inclusion leadership roles.
  • What is a diversity certificate? The diversity certificate implies less work and time commitment. Certification implies
    Carla Grantham, CDP, Faculty. Retired US Coast Guard. Training Facilitation.

    Carla Grantham, CDP, Faculty. Retired US Coast Guard. Training Facilitation.

    credentials. Higher education institutions are reluctant to offer certification as it is perceived as competing with thedegree programs. So, the certificate is often the designation of choice. For the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), certification implies that a professional has demonstrated competency in knowledge and skills. offers the certification credentials as a free-standing corporate university.

  • Who should receive diversity certification? Anyone who wants to serve as a diversity professional or who is in the role and values credentials for professional recognition typically seek the CDP.
  • What is the difference between the CDP & CDT? The CDP, or certified diversity professional, training best suits the individual who wants to learn about how to lead an organizational inclusion initiative effort either as an in-house or independent consultant. The CDP focuses on strategy and particularly using organizational change methods. The diversity trainer certification (CDT) is for the professional interested in primarily serving in a trainer role. The training covers high impact facilitation skills for managing hot topic discussions, emotional reactions to diversity and inclusion, and keeping the audience engaged. 
  • What are the requirements for obtaining diversity certification? A number of training programs exist today compared to when started offering certification in 1998. What the programs have in common is the goal of providing participants with diversity leadership competency. Programs differ in philosophy, length of time to completion,
    Billy Vaughn, PhD CDP, Faculty & DELA Director.

    Billy Vaughn, PhD CDP, Faculty & DELA Director.

    and prestige. We emphasize classroom experience similar to a learning lab to foster applying what you learn. Many programs are either academic in format or require completing study materials followed by passing a written test of knowledge. Our adult learner approach offers participants opportunities to apply what they are learning. This enhances transfer to the real world.Ask us about how we commit to the development of your expertise after the class is over? You will be both impressed and encouraged.

  • What does the DTUI diversity certification program include?
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  • Is there an online version of diversity certification training?
    As a matter of fact, there is. Click Here to learn more! 

    William Makell, CDP US Coast Guard Sexual Harassment/Assault trainer

    William Makell, Jr. CDP US Coast Guard Sexual Prevention & Response Office.

  • Is there a payment plan option for paying the registration cost over time?
    We are happy to announce that a payment plan is possible through our partnership with PayPal Credit. It allows you to pay in installments and even with a no interest charge option. Click on the link below by the NEW sign. 
  • *What is the difference between the CDP and CDT? The CDP focuses on developing your ability to lead a cultural diversity initiative. The CDT focuses on developing diversity training design and development as well as facilitation skills.

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Author: Billy Vaughn

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