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Membership Options (See Membership Choice Features & BONUSES in Chart Below)

You have several membership options for joining We Can Do This and you can even get a FREE trial.

  • RISK FREE Trial Offer: For a limited time, we are offering a 14 Day risk free trial period. This means, you will not be charged any membership fees until your trial period has expired. You can cancel your membership any time within your free trial period and not pay anything.
  • Basic Membership: You will have access to courses, white papers, forums and other offerings.
  • Advanced Membership: You get everything included in the Free Trial and Basic Membership plus premium white papers (e.g., research reports), training modules, toolkit (e.g., assessment tools), discussion forum, call for diversity proposal solicitations, and peer collaboration tools.
  • CDP Course Membership: Registration for the CDP (Certified Diversity Professional) Level 1 online course comes with all Advanced Membership features during the 90 day access to the course. Advanced level membership is required after the 90 day period.
  • CDP Elite Level Access: You must be a certified in-house diversity professional (e.g., diversity manager, chief learning officer, etc.) or graduate of the CDP program to participate. You receive all other level features plus two face-2-face seminars annually at no extra cost.






WCDT Strategy System

Training Module


Q&A Forum

Search Network

CDP Classroom

Trial Membership


Basic Membership



Advanced Membership



CDP Membership

$995 for
90 day access

CDP Level 1 Online

CDP Elite Membership

 $1200/yr CDP Levels 1 &
2 Online

* Courses

Examples include: Cultural Competence Coaching, Employee Resource Group Development and Implementation, and Diversity Recruitment. Click Here to learn more.


This is a wiki database of terms, definitions, concepts, diversity lessons, facts, etc. useful of a variety of purposes, such as putting together presentations, developing assessment, multicultural exercise ideas, and sharing definition of terms. Click Here to learn more. BONUS valued at

WCDT Strategy System

Members of this group are typically graduates of the CDP program. Membership supports applying what they learned in the program to their own initiatives or practice development efforts. The facilitator guided, systematic approach to design, development, and implementation gets members to the next level of their work. Click Here to learn more. BONUS valued at $2495.00.

Training Module Database

Cultural diversity and other training modules and exercise are included in this database. Each module or exercise provides instructions to guide the facilitator. Content is organized into awareness, attitude, knowledge, and skills training. Click Here to learn more.  BONUS valued at $795.00.

Managing Diversity Book

This is an ebook copy of the popular Managing Diversity eCoach Book. It has hundreds of exercises, articles, and programs taken from the Diversity Blog. Click Here to learn more. BONUS valued at $49.95.

Q&A Forum

This online resource provides members with a place to exchange ideas. You can go to the Forum page or reply to discussions activity directly from your personal email.  Click Here to learn more. BONUS valued at Priceless.

Consultant/Trainer Network

This is a database of diversity professionals that is utilized by organizations seeking vendors. Elite members receive a personal webpage. Click Here to learn more. This is a BONUS valued at $500.00 per year.

Complimentary CDP Classroom Registration

Elite members can attend one 2-day CDP classroom training per year of membership. This is a BONUS valued at $1795.00.

Join us and watch your results go through the roof along with your performance evaluations.

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