DTUI Professional Ethics & Standards – Our Pledge

Diversity Executive Standards & PledgePledge

As an administrator, staff person, subcontractor, or affiliate of the DTUI.com, I hereby agree to the following:

  • I pledge to pursue my profession with the highest level of ethics. I will serve my Clients with the highest possible degree of selflessness and pledge to serve each with integrity and competence.
  • I pledge to honor the Professional-Client Agreement – Make and honor clear agreements for our work together, including compensation, timing and method of payment, schedules and methods of communication the client requested; and assurance that unused fees are returned promptly if a Client elects to stop or suspend my services.
  • I pledge to be Respectful and Constructive: Respect my Clients needs and wishes, ensure they are honored, and do not presume a Client’s endorsement without obtaining explicit approval. I will listen carefully to what the Client says or means; promptly respond to telephone calls, faxes, and electronic mail; and be constructive and honest at all times.
  • I pledge to Respect my Limits – Train, Consult, or Coach only in my area of competence, where I am legally permitted to practice, and in matters that will provide real benefits to my Clients. I will not guarantee specific results such as the amount of cost reduction or profit increase.
    · I pledge to Refer Clients, when necessary, to other specialists, such as a therapist, counselor, lawyer, financial consultant, or the police. I will not attempt to provide services that I do not have the expertise or competence to perform.
  • I pledge to guard against Conflicts of Interest – If serving a particular class of client (e.g., a single industry), or two or more known competitors, I will disclose the fact to each Client. Assuming the affected parties give approval, I will take extraordinary precautions to avoid passing sensitive information between and amongst competing clients. When potentially competitive issues arise, I will clarify the level of confidentiality the client places on the information, and act accordingly.
  • I pledge to Honor Confidentiality. Information entrusted me by Clients will be treated with strict confidentiality, and I will also advise any circumstances that might influence my judgment or objectivity. Clients should be aware that communications between the Trainer, Consultant, or Coach and the Client are not considered privileged under law, and court testimony may be required if a subpoena is served.
  • I pledge to Seek and Be Open to Feedback—I will always respond positively to feedback from Clients.

  • I pledge to Be Professional. I will maintain the relationship on a professional basis. I recognize that relationships that will reduce my objectivity, especially those of a romantic nature, are incompatible with a professional role and will cause me to end the Professional-Client relationship.
  • I pledge to Maintain Professional Distance. I will not invest capital in or make loans to my Clients’ businesses or projects unless both parties develop formal, written and legally supported agreements. I will need to sever the client-consultant relationship before making such an agreement.
  • I pledge to Maintain Clear Financial Agreements. I will identify clearly and in writing any compensation or rewards that are contingent on the client reaching certain targets and/or measurable results flowing from the consultation.
  • I pledge to Be A Model: I will conduct personal and professional affairs with high standards so as to be a model for Clients and other Professionals.
  • I pledge to Honor the Intellectual Property Rights of Others. I will either seek the approvals and/or agree to pay the established royalties/licensing fees before using others patents and copyrights. When quoting others, I will acknowledge the fact by giving the appropriate reference.
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