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1. Why Would I Need Organizational Development Consulting Services?

When your in-house expertise in an area is insufficient or limited to complete a project or manage a task. partners with client to build capacity and lend out expertise in to realize a project’s completion. We are a San Francisco Organizational Development, Training, Consulting Services firm.

2. When Would I Likely Need an Organizational Consultant?

  • To partner with in strategic planning.
  • Scenario planning to jump start future competitiveness.
  • To help align an organization to drive one or more business goals.
  • To assess an organizational present state, effectiveness or capacity.
  • To identify training and organizational competence needs.
  • To provide objective, external, and expert insights about an organization’s present state, effectiveness or capacity.
  • To assess the extent that a project is meeting its business goals.
  • To coach personnel with competence gaps.

3. How Do I Select an Organizational Consultant?

  1. An excellent track record based on past client performance.
  2. Partners and shares expertise with the client to increase their capacity to do the work themselves in the future.
  3. Has sufficient education and tracking relevant to the profession.
  4. Can put her or his thumb on the pulse of your organization’s problem within minutes of discussing the problem with you.
  5. Is client-centered.
  6. Gets the big picture with respect to your organization’s culture and norms about getting things accomplished.
  7. Personable, open and embraces hearing about what the client thinks will make the partnership better.
  8. Has sufficient resources and capacity to meet the demands of the contract.

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The Top Ten Reasons Diversity OD Efforts Fail¹

Starting a Diversity Organizational Development (OD) effort is difficult. One way to increase the probability of success is to learn from the mistakes of others. Below is a list of sources of failure.

  1. Failure to establish specific goals for the Diversity OD efforts and interventions
  2. Failure to demonstrate sufficient courage to deal the resistance in the organization and among key managers
  3. Failure to specify both short- and long-term goals for the effort
  4. Failure to keep the real client in mind
  5. Failure to work with real organizational diversity needs
  6. Failure to be honest about what needs to be done and why
  7. Failure to develop viable options when ideas do not work
  8. Failure to solve problems by producing “quick fixes.”
  9. Failure to work with the organization as it is rather than as you would like it to be
  10. 10. Failure to measure or evaluate the activities

Other reasons include:

11. Failure to plan for and build toward the client managers’ ownership of the OD effort

12. Failure to escape entrapment in the “mystique” of OD, which leads to a distorted interpretation of the OD process

13. Failure to tailor the effort to the jointly analyzed needs of the specific organization

Don’t let all these negatives make you feel like the job is too big. Simply being aware that certain negative behavior patterns have the potential to negatively influence on success can help avoid such behaviors.



Vaughn, B.E. (2004). Managing diversity e-Coach Book. Diversity Training University Publications: San Francisco, CA.

¹ Based in part on Gardenswartz. “Symptoms of Diversity-Related Problems: Internal Checklist in Managing Diversity.”

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