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Can You Relate to Carolyn’s Training Challenge?

Based on employee complaints, the human resource director, Carolyn, hires a consultant to offer communications training. Carolyn permitted the vendor to use a communications training that had proven useful for the vendor’s other clients. After a couple of training sessions, a number of employees complained afterwards that it was too basic and uninformative. They requested more focus on communication skills to help them deal with bullying and insensitivity among colleagues.

How training & instructional design is typically done

It is common for trainers to use an off-the-shelf module to address what appears to be a common training need, such as communication. Even when developed in a thoughtful way, training that is not based on objective assessment tends to be limit focus to awareness (e.g., personal communication style) or skills (e.g., How to ask powerful questions). High impact training, in contrast, is only possible with a depth of understanding about the problem  behaviors that needs to be addressed and the corresponding competence component or components.wnatpodium

DTUI.com, a San Francisco based company, specializes in training systems design, development, and implementation. The following provides a general overview of this service. We use the High Impact Instructional Design approach, which assumes that competence can be characterized as made up of four components: awareness, attitude, knowledge, and skills. Most training is designed with poor conceptions of the relationship among of the components and which to address for high impact results.

Our specialty training areas:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Civility & collegiality
  •  Cultural diversity in the workplace
  • Managing a culturally diverse organization
  • Anti-Bullying 
  • High impact recruitment and retention
  • Coaching difficult employees

Assessing the existing competence gaps among employees provides insights into the specific training needs. The result is a training system that that increases awareness, attitude, knowledge, and skills depending on the gap analysis results.


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Instructional Design

Curriculum design involves creating and developing training content. We utilize our competency based  training design approach, which characterizes training as involving four learning components: awareness, attitude, knowledge, and skills. Training design focuses on the component identified as the learning target based on assessment. The result is high impact training content.

Just-in-Time Learning

Just in time learning fits nicely into the modern workplace continuous education needs. Adult learners often need new information quickly or to refresh their memory into order solve time sensitive, demanding tasks. Consider someone who wants to give a presentation about Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy during his annual holiday. She just wants to highlight the facts in a general overview presentation. Suppose she had the following video at her fingertips . . . 

The video is less than four minutes in length yet packed with more information than she needs. In fact, she let video do part of the work for her. Just-in-time solutions in the form of videos, wiki content, and raid e-learning are examples of what DTUI.com partners with organizations to achieve productivity goals.

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