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I know that each of you strives to enjoy leading a successful diversity program—whether that translates into establishing an Employee Resource Group, developing a recruitment program, implementing training, etc. The CDP training offers a good foundation. To help you take full advantage of what you have learned and to augment it with practical tools and guidance, I have been meeting with some of the past graduates on a monthly basis.

Now I am ready to do so in a BIG WAY.

My work with the small groups led to offering a membership group that provides the individualized support and resources needed to succeed. Testimonials of those who continued working with me after receiving the CDP credentials attest to the benefits of the post-graduate program. Some enjoyed enviable job promotions, while most others have been recognized for their outstanding success in implementing programs that make a real difference in their organizations.

Here are the features.


You might be saying, “I already have a lot of meetings.” How can I keep up with another meeting with my plate so full? My question is “Can you afford to not attend a meeting designed to make your work life easier and more rewarding?” But to directly answer the question, you are in charge of what you decide to complete during the time we spend together. You see, you will put together your Action Plan. But, even the Action Plan is not in stone. Change it when necessary to keep it relevant to your changing needs. I will give you access to resources based on your needs to keep your momentum going.

Some of you may be saying “Everyone else in the group seems to be further ahead of me.” “I will just take up too much of their time.” While it is true that different participants will be at different stages and working on unique projects, this is to everyone’s benefit in my experience. The more experienced will become an additional resource for the less experienced and without a doubt the latter will contribute by asking questions and comments about other’s projects that will stimulate everyone’s creativity. We will be each other’s biggest cheerleaders.

If you wish to keep the momentum going so that you can work towards getter success or simply get to the next level professionally, please join me in our We Can Do This program. The next start date is Wednesday, June 18, 2014 and the meetings will run until November 2014.

What’s the Bottom Line, Billy? How much Does it Cost?

The cost is $1195.00 per person for twelve months. Through January 6, 2014, you may receive a $200 discount if you use the code MASTERMIND. Got a team of people? Ask about our discounts for teams of three or more members.

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