Certified Diversity Professional Curriculum (CDP)™

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The course is designed for novices, seasoned professional audiences and those in between. The novice will learn the techniques and tools used to successfully serve in the cultural diversity leadership role. Seasoned professionals will find the tools and techniques valuable for assessing the effectiveness of their approaches and they will learn a proven set of techniques for greater success.

Upon completion of this course, you will understand how to design, develop, and implement a high impact cultural diversity initiative. Participants will learn how to think about the work more strategically and systematically. The result will be greater confidence, a toolkit, and the foundation for applying what has been learned.


Getting Started: Let’s Get on the Same Page

  • Goals, Objectives, & Take Aways
  • Cultural Diversity & Inclusion Terminology
  • How to Create a Cultural Diversity Leadership Learning Community
  • High Impact Cultural Diversity Leadership Competence
  • Introduction to the DELA Cultural Competence & Inclusion Framework Theory & Practice

What are Your Bringing to Cultural Diversity Leadership?

  • Professional Self-Assessments
  • Human Capital Inventory
  • Professional Awareness Grid
  • Uncovering Your Big Assumptions About Cultural Diversity
  • Learn How to Balance the Heart & Mind to Model Inclusion
Certified Diversity Professional

Do Diversity Professional Have Consistent Role & Responsibilities

  • History of the profession
  • What makes the professional successful
  • Professional Standards & Ethics
  • An expert’s secrets to success

What is the Cultural Competence – Inclusion Framework (CC&IF)?

  • Why use a framework?
  • What are the characteristics of a high impact frame?
  • How theory informs practice
certified diversity professional curriculum

How to Use the CC&IF to Design a Diversity Education Initiative: Preparation Phase

  • The Six-Step Model for Promoting Inclusion
  • Cultural Diversity Competence as Human Capital
  • Balanced Cultural Diversity Scorecard Overview
  • Phases of the D&I Initiative

Creating an Innovative, Committed Cultural Diversity Steering Committee

Onboarding the Leadership and Middle Managers: How to Increase Commitment

What Gets Measured, Gets Done: The Importance of Inclusion Assessment

  • Why collecting data is imperative
  • The challenges of collecting data and how to overcome them
  • Not all data is the same: The data you must collect
  • Why Diversity Initiatives Fail: The benefits of using your framework to make sense of the data.
  • Avoid Wasting Time & Money: How to collect data that targets performance gaps
  • From data to cultural diversity initiative design and development
  • What Stage of Inclusion is Your Organization In?
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How to Use the CC&IF to Design a Diversity Education Initiative: Design Phase

  • Why Diversity Best Practice Initiatives Fail to Increase Inclusion
  • Diversity Education versus Diversity Training
  • Using the Cultural Competence & Inclusion Framework to Identify the Cultural Competency Gaps
  • The Phases of Diversity Education Design

How to Use the CC&IF in Diversity Education Initiative Implementation

  • Why Diversity Best Practices Have Low Inclusion Impact
  • Designing Diversity Education with the Cultural Competence & Inclusion Framework
  • If You Must Rely on a Diversity Best Practice Approach, Try This to Increase the Impact


  • Action Planning for Success
  • Graduation Ceremony
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