Registration Diversity Executive Award

Diversity Executive Award Event Registration


Diversity executives have been supporting the success of organizations for decades and the recent increase in in-house positions for diversity leaders is bringing more recognition to the expertise. Yet, their work, expertise, and level of authority have not reached the privilege and prestige of comparable roles, such as Vice President of Human Resources just to offer one example.

We want and need to see more successful diversity leaders. One way to do that is to recognize that their talent is valuable and celebrate their success in a public way. Help us support the profession by participating in this nomination and joining us in San Diego for the ceremony.

Event Organized by Diversity Officer Magazine

Diversity Officer Magazine provides articles and other solutions to promote cultural diversity expertise and the profession. The content attempts to bridge cultural diversity research findings and diversity best practices to offer high impact, data driven solutions. Dr. Billy Vaughn, editor in chief, is an accomplished cultural diversity expert who founded Diversity Training University International, an organization founded to certify diversity professionals. His clients include the Central Intelligence Agency, the Director of Intelligence Office, SPAWARS, Central Bank of Europe, African Food Bank. Shell of Nigeria, the United States Coast Guard, Allstate Company, the Internal Revenue Service, UC Santa Cruz, Costco, CalPERS, Goodwill Industries, and too many others to include here.

SEATS ARE LIMITED! You will receive confirmation and pass via email.  

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