Diversity Training Courses For Individuals & Organizations

Diversity Training Courses & Solutions

We offer both Classroom and Online diversity training courses. These courses are designed for use in organizations that need either a single course (e.g., an employee or member needs remediation), a group (e.g., managers and executive), or organization wide.

Here is a Sample

Classroom Courses:

This is a list of the classroom courses offered:

  • Cultural Competence: Awareness (e.g., Is it Something That I Said – Participants learn why diversity benefits them and the organization.
  • Cultural Competence: Attitude (e.g., I’m Not Prejudice. Some of My Best Friends Are . . . – Participants learn how values and beliefs create barriers for inclusion)
  • Cultural Competence: Knowledge (e.g., Please Forgive Me, If This Doesn’t Come Out Right – Participants learn about cultural differences in values and beliefs as they relate to productivity, teamwork, work expectations, compensation, performance, etc.).
  • Organizational Inclusion: Promoting Workplace Collegiality & Civility
  • Executive Cultural Competence Coaching
  • Sexual Harassment Training

 The following are courses in online format:

  • Managing a Diverse Workplace
  • Sexual Harassment Compliance Training
  • Workplace Harassment Compliance Training
  • Cultural Diversity Awareness Training

Online Courses:

  • Cultural Diversity Best Practices
  • Training Design & Development

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