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What is an Organizational Assessment?

An organizational assessment (OA) refers to a systematic process for obtaining information about an organization’s performance and the factors that drive performance. The purpose of assessment is to understand organization, in dtui_self_assessment_thumb.fw contrast to the performance of a project, a program, or a policy.

  • OA is conducted to identify competency areas, performance evaluation, and potential risks.
  • OD can provide organizational metric data needed to support investment and restructuring decisions.
  • OA addresses questions like “How are we doing?” The data provide insights into how the organization is doing, what it does well and why it may not be achieving business goals.

Why Conduct an Organizational Assessment?

There are two basic reasons to conduct an OA.

1.  An OA is useful for identifying an organization’s strengths and challenges. OA is often used to generate data that will be useful in planning and decision-making, to identify ways in which an organization can effectively improve its performance, identify needs that should be addressed through specific actions, and respond to a need or desire to change an organization’s business performance.

2. An OA can offer a set of processes for reflecting about appropriate paths for the future, such as strategic, programmatic, financial, and staffing decisions.

Who Should Conduct Your Organizational Assessment?

If you have in-house expertise, the resource can really be cost effective. At the same time, certain projects may require external expertise for organization wide acceptance or trust.

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