Online Diversity Certification Course

Online Cultural Diversity Certification

Online Diversity Certification Program!

Learn cultural diversity professional strategies and skills to transform people and organizations. Getting an organization to the next level of diversity and inclusion requires time, a high impact plan, getting everyone on board, and sustaining efforts. This is no easy task. It takes expertise in designing, developing and implementing a plan that considers the organization’s specific inclusion needs and the savvy necessary to avoid the inevitable land mines that come with the work.

At the same time, a lot is expected of you with limited time and budget constraints. It would be great to fly to the District of Columbia, Chicago, Toronto, Brussels, Bangalore, or San Francisco to attend a multi-day seminar, but that may painfully shrink your budget.

Well, we understand.  That’s why we created the Certified Cultural Diversity & Inclusion Professional (CDP) online program. All that you need is access to high-speed internet, a word processor, such as MS Word, and a printer to take advantage of the online CDP training. Acquiring the necessary technical requirements may cost less than the cost of an airline ticket to one of our classroom seminars.

Online cultural diversity training is increasing by the day. 

While completing the two courses, you will:
  • Discover the easy-to-follow strategy to boost the productivity of your organization
  • Identify and retain the best talent
  • Learn how to increase innovation
  • Learn how to use cultural differences to boost the productivity of your team
  • Learn a proven model for managing resistance to your diversity initiative
  • Boost your popularity as the in-house and external cultural diversity expert
  • Get the most important parts of your strategy mapped out along with a group of like-minded professionals. In fact, bring as many team members as possible to work on your organization’s project during the seminar. You will leave on the same page and with a framework for moving forward quickly.
  • Add more SIZZLE and authenticity to the initiative you design so everyone wants to come aboard.
  • Learn to get the leadership’s attention so that they can see how your initiative impacts the organization’s bottom line
  • Create a unique, MAGNETIC presence as a diversity professional so that you stand out and get noticed
  • Bust through your strategy blocks in a supportive community that brings out your hottest ideas
  • Have FUN developing your strategic road map (imagine that!)
  • Discover how YOU may be getting in your own way as the expert and how to clear the path to success
  • Powerfully express your value with words you’re proud of
  • Come away with clear, confident messages about you diversity and inclusion initiative to skyrocket the time to success

Online Certification Format

The online program is organized into two courses. DELA 100 basically covers what is learned in the first two days of the classroom CDP course. The second course covers the last day and a half. Everyone must take DELA 100.

The second required course can be either:

DELA 200, DELA 300, or High Impact Diversity Best Practices.

Online Cultural Diversity Certification Course Format

  • Optional weekly live discussions
  • Online presentations in the online course areas
  • Discussion board to facilitate interactions among participants designed to increase learning
  • Exercises and application assignments to increase learning. 
Process and Content:

a) The online course is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year so you can access it anytime to complete the course.

b) Each level of the course is composed of 8 to 10 modules. You complete each module in sequential order. Each module has:

  • a set of readings that you download (most likely) or corresponding to a textbook you are required to purchase (We only require this for one course at this time).
  • An instructional video or presentation
  • A Discussion Board exercise at the end
  • Some courses have assignments that may require you to apply what you are learning
  • There are two quizzes

c) Course work is graded by the facilitator. The facilitator provides both feedback on the quality of the submission as well as professional development support. Once you have completed all coursework satisfactorily, you are done. Complete both online cultural diversity certification courses and you receive your CDP credentials.

2. CEUs

a) Once you receive the CDP, you are required to complete 9 hours of continuing education annually to maintain the credentials. Competing CEUs require learning about cultural diversity leadership in some formal way. Attending a conference, giving a presentation, consulting, training, completing a certificate, etc. are some examples. As you can see, work that you do can count.

All you will need is documentation that supports the work completed and a signature from someone providing the training or a supervisor. The goal is to have well-documented information in your records to protect your credentials. If you allow more than 24 months to lapse before renewal, you may be required to retake the CDP course.

The major difference from the classroom course is that you will learn and retain more in the online certification format. This is typical according to educational research. One reason is that learning is in your hands. Another is that you must meet a 78% overall grade to successfully complete each course. You will receive a lot of encouragement from the facilitator and fellow participants, but you are the one who has to manage your time, view the instructional videos, and complete the assignments. So, we know that you can do this.

If you could not manage your time well or stick with a project, you would not be as successful as you are.

Our online cultural diversity training program includes:

  1. A proven strategy that creates more diverse and inclusive organizations.
  2. A clear diversity and inclusion model that INSPIRES your executive to say YES let’s get it done right away.

online cultural diversity certification 

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How do you attend an online course? There are two ways to attend the courses. You can complete the set of lessons for each course (Level 1 and 2) on your convenience or attend weekly one-hour sessions in webinar format. Level 1, for example, has ten lessons. The menu for the course looks like the figure below.

Notice that each lesson is listed in the menu. All you have to do is open a lesson, complete it, and go to the next one.

You decide how fast or slow you will go in completing the course as long as you complete each level within 90 days. We know that sometimes a few more days are necessary to make that happen, so feel free to request more time. We will coach you in making progress and putting a time limit on course completion is one way to support you.

The other choice is to attend our once a week live seminar. Yes, we do get together. The facilitator starts with a brief overview and mini lecture, which is followed by discussion. You have the opportunity to listen to what other participants share and make your own contributions. Each of the live presentations is recorded and uploaded to the site for review or in case you are absent.

Whether you choose to go at it totally alone or attend the live sessions, you will have assignments to complete based on the readings (handouts) and presentations (live and recorded). The assignments are read by the facilitator who gives you feedback for professional development. You are also required to give other participants’ feedback as part of the learning experience. So, you are learning from each other even though you may not be online at the same time. You have interaction without the time constraints.

 “The Online Certification Course is on's We Can Do This! Website"

The Site has Plenty of Additional Resources to Help You Succeed...”

You are fortunate to start the course at this time. The DELA coursesite was created to provide courses that lead to credentials as well as continuing education for members.

You will have access to Diversitypedia, training modules, research, best practices articles, and too many other resources to list on the same site that you have access to the course. Your registration provides you with the access. There is a discussion forum where participants can ask each other questions and get answers. (Please note: we care about your privacy. If your username and email address need to be different from the full contact name and email address that you have given us, please email when you submit payment for the course. Your username will be visible to other students taking the course. Your email address will not be shared with fellow students.)  

Not Sure if Online Courses are For You?—Then How About a Test Drive

Register and start the course. We are confident that you will get a lot out of it and complete it in a timely manner. However, if after completing module 1, you feel that the experience is not for you, we will change the registration to the first two days of the classroom course.

People Are Talking About the Online ProgramI learned a lot from the online course. What I really like as a graduate is that I have the course manual as a resource. And as a We Can Do This member, I have access to any of the online lessons to refresh my memory at any time. That has really helpedMichael Eatman, MA CDP
Director for Diversity and Community Life
University School of Nashville
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Here is a short list of organizations that have participants in the courses or graduates:

  • World Food Bank (Africa)
  • Shell Nigeria
  • Pennsylvania House of Representatives
  • Government of Polk County (Florida)
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • AT&T
  • W.W. Grainger
  • NOAA
  • Goodwill Industries
  • CalPERS
  • Spring Arbor University

You can be as successful as our other participants and graduates by taking your education and expertise to the next level with the online courses.

Special BONUSES:

  • Access to the Online High Impact Certified Diversity Professional Secrets of Success Seminar
  • I can get started right away with virtual course lessons once I register for the seminar

CDP Online Program tuition: $1800.00

~ No Risk Reservation Form Option #2~

"Yes! Billy, I want to come AND bring my friend!"

By registering for The High Impact Certified Diversity Professional Secrets of Success online courses, my friend and I will receive:

  • Access to the courses immediately
  • Access to live presentations and discussions
  • Get a step-by-step guidebook to use as a resource

Special BONUSES:

  • Access to Diversitypedia
  • Get access to sample training modules

And much, much more!


Still Not Convinced!

online cultural diversity certification
One of the best compliments you can receive is from someone who writes an independent review of services and products similar to those you offer—And you come out on top. Well, this is just what I can brag about. The article is by a European diversity professional who was searching for the best diversity education certification program to attend. The article compares the top certification and certificate programs available. The author says that’s certification program is the best in class in terms of quality of the training, content, and pricing.It was a pleasant surprise to run across the article on line. I encouraged Diversity Officer Magazine to reprint it.To read the full article, follow this link. Click Here.

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Any Questions? I welcome your calls or emails. Just let me know how I can help you reach a clear decision. There's no pressure to enroll. Please contact me  Call (415) 692-0121. if you're considering the online course and need more information. Select Contact Form in the menu at the top of this page for a written request. We promise to respond right away.Get ready for more confidence, cash flow, and clarity…

This course is going to be truly transformational. Your experience will help prepare you for a hugely successful 2011 – so you can leverage what you learn to move your organization and get more pleasure out of doing the work—isn’t’ that what you’ve been dreaming about? I am SO excited to see The Online High Impact Certified Diversity Professional Secrets of Success program!




Diversity Executive Leadership Academy Director

People are talking about the Online Cultural Diversity Certification Course  

First, thank you. Thank you very much for the information that you've provided.  It has been very helpful. Second, from time to time, I contract with agencies to conduct Workplace Diversity-related Training. I can't tell you how often I've used your information to develop curriculum and or share the information with trainees. But, it has been used a lot. Third, you know it is extremely vital and of the utmost importance to share diversity information accurately. Those of us with this purpose must commit to this if we want to: (1) dispel myths, (2) help people enjoy and appreciation "differences" and grow, (3) help others embrace and nurture their own differences, and (4) correct inaccurate information so that others can realize the truths.

Your information helps me to meet the goals I have related to these.

Fourth, I have trained or consulted with individuals from all walks of life, backgrounds, and groups, your information has not been met with challenges.

We have been able to use your information as a platform or foundation to explore the topic in-depth.

And finally, I share your site information as a reference and "recommended reading" resource.

The trainees always welcome this and express appreciation for it.

Sylvia, ViewPoints, Inc.

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P.S. There are proven effective steps in delivering high impact diversity and inclusion initiatives. I reveal the juicy “how to” step by step strategy at The High Impact Certified Diversity Professional Secrets of Success program.

Organizations Served (Partial List): Costco, City of Buffalo, New York, W.W. Grainger, Inc., Central Intelligence Agency, European Central Bank, San Jose Evergreen Community Colleges, Saginaw University, CalPERS, 86 Lumber, Krene K.K. (Japan), Enterprise Restigouche (Canada), Canada Border Service Agency, United States Coast Guard, Chevron Nigeria, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

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