Virtual Preview of High Impact Diversity & Inclusion Strategy


Mark your calendar!

Virtual preview of High Impact Diversity & Inclusion Strategy.

WHEN: Wednesday, Oct 16th at 8:30 am PDT, 10:30 am Central & 11:30 am Eastern.

WHERE: Register for the preview here so that we can send you the link: Register for the virtual sneak preview here.

High Impact Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

If you are curious about what makes the CDP program so popular and what’s in for you to receive your credentials, then this complimentary virtual event is for you. Perhaps you’ve checked it out but still on the fence about signing up. If so, let’s connect during this upcoming video hangout to preview High Impact Diversity & Inclusion Strategy.

Virtual Preview

During this complimentary video hangout, you’ll get a glimpse of how we’re going to help you transform your organization.

  • We’ll take a closer look at what could be stopping you from fully realizing your organization’s diversity and inclusion goals.
  • You’ll also discover more about the proven diversity and inclusion strategies we’re going to share in the course and
  • How completion of the course will lead to your being more capability and confident in your abilities to get things done regardless of the organizational obstacles.

Mark your calendar for this virtual preview of High Impact Diversity & Inclusion Strategy. Wednesday, Oct 16th at 8:30 am PDT, 10:30 am Central & 11:30 am Eastern.

Accessing the Meeting

Ideally you will be online with a headset or telephone. You can hear through the computer, but it is best to call the teleconferencing line.

You will be able to see the presentation by computer if you use the online access information with high-speed internet. Test to see if you can receive the connection at work as there may be a blocking feature for security. Work with your organization to remove that link if possible.

I hope you can see that this is an opportunity to apply what you have learned. Even if you are not presently working on a project for some reason, attend to learn from the others and avoid losing what you have worked so hard to acquire.

Please register below for the October meeting. Thank you in advance and see you on October 24th.


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