The Secret to Fast Tracking a Cultural Diversity Profession Career



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What is the secret to fast-tracking a career as a cultural diversity professional?

The answer is training that focuses on developing your awareness, attitude, knowledge, and skills. 

Let’s face it. Cultural diversity work is important. Business leaders warn governments against supporting harmful exclusion policies that weaken economic growth and innovation. They know that changing demographics make it necessary to defeat any laws that make transgender, immigrants, and people of color feel unwelcome. 

Their leadership in promoting inclusion has also contributed to the rise of the cultural diversity profession, and certification programs indirectly.

There is a difference between having credentials and being competent.

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Good Basic & Next Level Training is Difficult to Find!

It is one thing to get credentials. Acquiring the competence needed to do the work with confidence and competence better prepares you for meeting the challenges.

Consider the range of formats different credentialing programs offer. One end of the spectrum is the two-day weekend program that gives attendees a certification at the end. On the other end of the spectrum is the university-based program that requires nine courses and a final project. Somewhere in between are the programs that require passing a test. Still, other programs require a combination of a number of years in the profession, creating a professional portfolio, and passing a test. Let’s not forget the one that provides intensive, professional development training based on adult learning and continuous education principles.



Which one is most suitable for you? Well, that depends on several things, but the most important is how much direct cultural diversity consulting and leadership training you have received. Those with years of experience, but limited formal training are certainly capable professionals. Yet, bootstrap, trial and error learning tends to fall short of the full range of professional development training that formal programs offer.

Formal, well-designed training offers expertise that has overcome most of the challenges you face in a program designed to help you succeed. Even the seasoned professional will have a deeper understanding of the professional role, learn next-level tools, and strategies for addressing challenges.

Prefer to Simply Pass a Test?

If you want someone to assess how much terminology and best practices you have learned, testing may be an option. But, testing your knowledge doesn’t tell you or them if you have the awareness, attitude, and skills needed to effectively do the work.


Think about the situations a cultural diversity professional must be prepared to successfully navigate. One cultural diversity officer lost her position because she signed an anti-gay marriage petition passed around during Sunday morning church services. She argued that what she does outside of the workplace should not be considered for dismissal when she was otherwise performing well in her role. The court did not agree.

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Another organization was sued by a white American male worker after he completed a required cultural diversity training. The court accepted his argument that one of the exercises created a hostile environment for him. Another cultural diversity professional was blindsided by her boss’ rejection of plans to create an employee resource group for the gay and lesbian employees. She had already set up groups for the women and African American employees.

The above real-life examples of challenges cultural diversity professionals face indicate that knowledge alone is insufficient preparation for this work.

How Can You Fast-Track Your Career?

The key to fast-tracking your career is a program that is led by experts who aim to develop your awareness, attitude, knowledge, and skills, as well as provide you with a toolkit. We build your competence, capacity, resourcefulness, and problem-solving skills. You learn what you bring to the profession, how it hinders or supports the work, and what you need to do to close competency gaps.

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Most certification training end with the trainer shaking one hand while you hold your certificate in the other. You are then thrust into the treacherous waters of doing the work alone. Our organization includes you in the community of graduates after receiving your credentials, provides continuing education opportunities, and strongly encourages you to contact us at any time to ask questions.

We have even had graduates needing advice about how to address concerns about their church pressuring them to sign an anti-gay marriage petition. Ask us how we helped the graduates address the issue without them losing face in the church.

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