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Instructional Design

Curriculum design involves creating and developing training content. We utilize our competency-based training design approach, which characterizes training as involving four learning components: awareness, attitude, knowledge, and skills. Training design focuses on the component identified as the learning target based on an assessment. The result is high impact training content.

Just-in-Time Learning

Just in time learning fits nicely into the modern workplace continuous education needs. Adult learners often need new information quickly or to refresh their memory into order solve time sensitive, demanding tasks. Consider someone who wants to give a presentation about Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy during his annual holiday. She just wants to highlight the facts in a general overview presentation. Suppose she had the following video at her fingertips . . .
The video is less than four minutes in length yet packed with more information than she needs. In fact, she let the video do part of the work for her. Just-in-time solutions in the form of videos, wiki content, and raid e-learning are examples of what DTUI.com partners with organizations to achieve productivity goals.

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