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What We Do

What We Do

DTUI.com is an organizational consulting and training company that promotes productive workplace relationships to meet bottom line results. Our products and services support professionals in driving productivity. We deliver cutting edge solutions that create value when individals interact with customers, clients, team members,and the community.

At the heart of our work is a commitment to making an increasing complex world more managable. This takes effective organizational systems, understanding of differences in the way people relate to each other, continuous learning, and effective execution of people skills.


  • The DTUI Organization Transformation Framework
  • The DTUI High Impact Strategic Planning Method
  • Competency gap assessment for training design
  • Barrier analysis
  • Tailor made training design
  • Training development
  • Training Facilitation
  • Training Implementation Support
  • We use high-impact talent management solutions to collaborate with clients to gain a competitive edge.

    Talent Management

    Partner with us to improve recruitment, retention & employee engagement.

    Continuing education & compliance training

    Partner with us to assess workforce continuing education and needs.

    Organizational Development

    Partner with us to develop a high-impact strategic plan.

    Training Design, Develop, & Implementation

    Partner with us to develop training tailored to meet organizational needs.