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About us

Who We Are

Diversity Training University International (DTUI.com) provides state-of-the-art continuing education, talent management, employee engagement, organizational change, and cultural diversity solutions.

Administration and Faculty

  • Billy Vaughn, Ph.D. – Director
  • Mary Ellen Ruiz, CDP – Associate Director
  • Pamela Baker CDP CDT – Faculty & Assistant Registrar
  • Ruchira Gokyale – Asia Certification Program
  • Nirmala Menon – Asia Certifications Program
  • Kathy Simonis CDP
  • William J. Makell Jr. CDP – In Residence Training Facilitator
  • Our Advisory Board

  • Tania Anderson CDP – Space Telegraph & Science Institute
  • Tina Bose CDP – Practitioner
  • Vishwa Kapadia CDP – Chief People Officer- Platform9 Systems
  • Kenneth Bailey CDP – NOAA
  • Kathleen McLean CDP – McLean Group
  • Jewel Martin CDP – Central Intelligence Agency Retired Board Chair
  • Juan Meraz PhD CDP – Missouri State University
  • Gregory Stinyard, PhD CDE – American Family Insurance
  • Gayatri Rath CDP – Consultant
  • Kathy Simonis CDP – Macquarie Group
  • Billy Vaughn, Ph.D. CDP CDT CDE – DELA Director
  • Mission

    The mission is to provide access to continuing education opportunities that support learners in the development of the competencies needed to achieve their professional goals, improve the performance of their organizations, model inclusive behaviors, and provide leadership and service to their communities.


    Our vision is to spread compassion globally in the service of promoting expertise in collegiality, civility, inclusion, and creating a sense of belonging in organizations. We go about this by offering solutions that empower individuals, increase competence, and offer them a competitive edge.