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Whether you are considering consulting and training upon retirement, you are a freelancer, or you simply need to boost your reach your audience, a diversity certification will benefit you. Diversity officers, consultants and trainers with good skills and competencies find that competition is increasing by the day. Less skilled professionals are everywhere. It is the professionals with excellent training and certification credentials that have changed the landscape,

The increasing demand for professionals with inclusion and equity expertise is rising by day. As organizational leaders learn about the value of credentialed diversity professionals, they are requiring the credentials to apply for open diversity officer positions. While some credentialing organizations offer either a handful of diversity best courses or require merely passing a test, organizations need professionals with the breadth and depth of training needed to affect change instead of going through the motions in a hit and miss fashion.

We created the Diversity Executive Leadership Academy to house our certification programs. The Certified Diversity Professional (CDP), Cultural Diversity Trainer (CDT), Manager diversity certification (CDP-M), and Cultural Diversity & Inclusion Recruiter (CDIR) credentials.

Learn more here. Diversity Executive Leadership Academy