Diversity Executive Leadership Academy

A two-course Certified Diversity Recruiter training program is designed to equip recruiters with the essential skills and knowledge to identify, engage, and retain diverse talent effectively. The first course typically focuses on foundational knowledge, such as examining how diversity recruitment is a specialized cultural diversity best practice, a comprehensive coverage of diversity recruitment principles, and lessons about the role of cultural diversity expertise in improving recruitment results. Participants learn to navigate their biases, understand the importance of diversity in the workplace, and recognize the impact of cultural nuances on the recruiting process.

The second course builds upon this foundation with advanced strategies, offering a step-by-step plan for discovering and engaging hard-to-find culturally diverse talent. Participants are taught how to build pipelines of diverse talent and implement long-term recruiting strategies. This includes practical skills such as controlling for bias, crafting inclusive job descriptions, and conducting impactful interviews.

Throughout both courses, there is an emphasis on hands-on learning and application, ensuring that recruiters can apply the strategies in real-world scenarios to drive change and make a measurable impact on their organization's diversity and inclusion outcomes.

Number of Courses: Two (2)

The demographic shift has created a younger talent pool that outnumbers the retirement-age baby boomer workforce. Immigration, the dominance of college-educated women, increased religious diversity, and recent laws that protect the historically excluded in the workforce are just a few of the groups contributing to the greater cultural diversity that poses challenges for managers.

These are the next generation leaders who will be the most culturally diverse. Today’s managers must strive to balance cultural diversity and employee well-being with the productivity needed to meet the organization’s strategic goals.

A highly competent manager recruits the best talent and sustains a productive workforce. A series of employee engagement surveys conducted by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) of the United States federal government identified four inclusive management habits. They are referred to as The New IQ. In this program, you will increase your understanding of inclusion and the challenges of managing cultural diversity in organizations based on The New IQ. Diversity management techniques and practices with a track record of success will be introduced and practiced.

What this means is that the ability to manage cultural diversity is imperative. Unfortunately, many employees are promoted into management positions before they receive proper training or develop the key competencies needed to carry out their role as employee demographics create challenges effectively. This interactive online course focuses on developing the competence needed to manage cultural diversity and inclusion in organizations.

Cultural diversity recruitment has been a persistent human resource management challenge since the civil rights movement. As the national and global demographic shift becomes increasingly a reality, cultural diversity among the talent pool offers promise for attracting the needed talent. Yet, the recruitment of diverse talent has not proven easy.

Why is the recruitment of talent in the modern pool of potential recruits so challenging' How can we achieve better diverse recruitment outcomes' How can we reduce the turnover of diverse talent' This course addresses these questions and offers practical solutions for success. Following the guidelines in this course will increase the likelihood of success.

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