Diversity Executive Leadership Academy

The Managing Cultural Diversity in the Workplace certification course is designed and developed for managers and supervisors, focusing on empowering them with the knowledge and skills required to navigate and harness the potential of a diverse workforce effectively. This course is a journey towards understanding, respecting, and leveraging the unique contributions of individuals from various cultural backgrounds.

Throughout the course, participants will engage in learning modules that delve into key topics such as recognizing and addressing unconscious bias, developing cultural competence, and fostering inclusive communication strategies. Practical scenarios and case studies will be utilized to help managers and supervisors apply these concepts directly to their workplace situations. The program also emphasizes the vital role of managers and supervisors in promoting diversity and inclusion, equipping them with best practices for creating an environment where all employees feel valued and can thrive. By the end of the course, participants will not only have a deeper understanding of the complexities of managing a culturally diverse team but also practical tools and strategies to implement in their daily operations.

This certification aims to transform workplaces into dynamic, inclusive environments where cultural diversity is harnessed as a key driver of organizational success and innovation.

Number of Courses: Two (2)

DELA 100B provides training for individuals who are seeking to become certified diversity professionals. The course is offered online (DELA 100B) and in the classroom (DELA 100A).

Topic covered include transforming organizations into inclusive and productive workforces and professional development. By the end of the program participants have learned about a framework for transforming an organization into an engaged, productive, and inclusive workforce.

DELA 300B is designed for professionals who are interested in developing a strategic plan for creating organizations that are more diverse, inclusive, equitable and accessible. It is based on the established idea that organizational change starts and ends with good data.

The course is offered online (DELA 300B) and in the classroom (DELA 300A). Participants learn to identify the steps in I.D.E.A. strategic planning, increase understanding of the role of evaluation in strategic planning, and develop a strategic plan from templates.

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Learn from Certified Diversity Professionals
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Rise Above the Competition for I.D.E.A Jobs
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