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The Cultural Diversity Training of Trainers Certification Program is an intensive program designed for practitioners who aim to become skilled trainers in the field of cultural diversity and inclusion. This program is structured to cover three critical areas: training design, training development, and training facilitation skills.

Training Design: Participants will learn how to create engaging and effective training programs tailored to diverse audiences. This includes understanding the fundamentals of cultural diversity, identifying the specific needs of different groups, and designing curricula that are both informative and interactive. The focus will be on designing training that resonates with a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

Training Development: In this section, practitioners will develop the content for their training programs. This involves researching and gathering relevant information, creating comprehensive and accessible learning materials, and integrating diverse perspectives into the content. The aim is to ensure that the training material is not only informative but also reflective of the multicultural context in which practitioners operate.

Training Facilitation Skills Development: Here, the program emphasizes the development of facilitation skills necessary for effectively delivering cultural diversity training. This includes learning techniques for engaging participants, managing group dynamics, and addressing sensitive topics with tact and understanding. Practitioners will also be equipped with skills to handle challenges and resistance that may arise in diverse training environments.

Upon completion, graduates of this certification program will be fully equipped to design, develop, and facilitate cultural diversity training programs that are impactful, inclusive, and transformative.

Number of Courses: Two (2)

The course is designed to develop your ability to create high-impact training modules. The goal is to give you the best practice tools to design cost-effective training modules to develop competencies effectively. The course emphasizes cultural diversity training, but the skills can be applied to any training. There are two parts to creating cultural diversity courses: Training design and training module development. The instructional design relies on skill, discipline, experience, and creativity.

Training implementation focuses on facilitation skills provided in a separate DELA course offering. Using the tools and steps provided in this course, both the experienced and novice trainer will find that the work can be done easily and even more enjoyable. The development phase involves creating the instructional materials and evaluating quality assurance to ensure a close fit between what you intended in the design and the actual product contents. In this course, you will learn to:

Mandatory cultural diversity training is one of the most challenging courses to facilitate. Political issues, differences in attitudes towards cultural diversity training, the mandatory requirement, and cultural differences among the participants are just some of the factors that require specialized training. This course aims to provide participants with the skills needed to facilitate cultural diversity training successfully.

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