Cultural Diversity Initiative Strategic Planning

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Course Overview

Creating an Organizational Change Initiative Plan is a critical first step in designing, developing, and implementing a high-impact diversity education initiative that promises to shift the organization for culture change. A well-developed plan becomes integral to how the organization functions internally and externally. Following the guidelines in this course will increase the likelihood of success.

Diversity Certification Training Goals

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  • Explain the diversity and inclusion strategic planning process
  • Discuss a rationale for the diversity & inclusion plan
  • Design a Balanced Diversity Scorecard in the planning process.
  • Apply the results of an assessment to build a plan


  • A participant manual is provided to each student. The cost is included in the registration fee.
  • A book about cultural diversity strategic planning is also required. The participant must order it.

Technical needs

  • Computer with high-speed internet access
  • Access to the online meeting platform (Please try this at least two days before the first lecture/discussion session to manage any technical difficulties beforehand).
  • Telephone access (preferably with earphones)
  • MS Word (Do not submit files in pdf, please)